Black people its time to move beyond the Willie Lynch mythology.

Many African Americans are familiar with the story of the Willie Lynch narratives. For they that are not familiar with this story: it is the story about a British slave owner from the West Indies who in 1712 came to the United States and taught America ’s slave owners in Virginia of a full proof method for controlling their slaves. It tells the story of a psychological conditioning program of where in which the African slaves were actually conditioned to be loyal to their masters, while hating themselves and doubting their intellectual abilities.

Once these feelings were indoctrinated into the minds of the African slave this process is suppose to regenerate it self continuing for hundreds of years. Several renowned African American psychologists, educators, and historians share the consensus that much of the disparities afflicting African Americans today as stemming from this historic mortifying indoctrination process. The belief is that these mortifying feelings remain subconsciously embedded within the Black psyche and is still being regenerated today.

While I do not endorse the premise of the Willie lynch narratives it is however connected to a known historical truth. The forefather’s of African Americans were victims of a brutal racially mortifying slave indoctrination process. A process of where of which they were conditioned to believe in white superiority and their own racial inferiority. However, this true indoctrination a process was actually referred to by slave owners as “seasoning”. When ever a slave was being sold between one master to another, the purchaser would ask the seller: “Is your slave well seasoned? And the seller would reply “yes” and to prove it he would strike the slave in the face. The slave’s ability to restrain himself from retaliating demonstrated that he was well seasoned. The ways of which female slaves were required to show that they were well seasoned was often much more sexual vulgar.

To give it some legitimacy the Willie Lynch narrative has been connected to this mortifying indoctrination process used on our slave ancestors. It is this connection that makes the Willie Lynch narratives so effective. However the story of Willie Lynch himself is untrue. The Willie lynch narrative ridiculously paints the picture that blacks are now hopelessly programmed to act as self hating crabs a bucket. If this were true how was it possible that so many African Americans were able to come together in such an unprecedented manner and confront white racism during the 1960’s. Black unity was the most significant factor in the success of the 1960’s civil right movement. The remarkable degree of unity among African Americans then was made evident by the brilliant organization and mobilizations of mass bus boycotts, marches, freedom riders, and sit ins that were peacefully conducted through the unified protest of civil disobedience. These methods of civil disobedience gave the world images of African Americans being violently attacked by Whites and not violently responding to them in return. These images touched the hearts and consciences of others, gaining national and global support eventually leading to America ’s abandonment of blatant and legalized forms of Jim Crow racism. While all ethnic groups possess the ability to bring about real change within the United States , only African Americans have produced such change. During the 1960’s African Americans confronted white racism on every front through militant means, non violent civil disobedience strategies, and legal arguments within America’s highest courts. These strategies resulted in the enactment of many civil right laws that improved the lives of all minorities. The degree of unity and organization demonstrated among African Americans then was extraordinary and arguably remains unrivaled by any other group in the history of America . If the Willie Lynch narratives were true how was it possible that so many African Americans were able to come together in such an unprecedented manner?

The Willie Lynch narratives also claims that Blacks are now program to never support each other. If this were true how did President Obama acquire 95% of the Black vote? Millions of African Americans stood in line for several hours to vote for him. Moreover, if the Willie Lynch story is true how is it that million of Black men showed up –at their own expenses –in Washington D.C. to support and participate in the Million Man March? Furthermore, how likely is it that a British slave owner from the West Indies that had no formal training in psychology could develop a full proof program that could capture the minds of millions of Black people for hundreds of years? This is totally B.S.!

The Willie Lynch narrative is merely a propaganda literature used to psychologically demoralize African Americans. It does so by convincing African Americans to take the position that their core problem lies totally with themselves. It turns their collective attentions away from seeing the still present threat of white racism and instead turns them in ward against themselves. It also causes many African Americans to believe that their condition is hopeless and gives them a legitimate reason why they shouldn’t trust each other.

This method of using propaganda to turn a targeted population against itself is a very common practice of the CIA and FBI. In fact a common saying among these governmental agents is that” if you want to defeat a population you must first turn them against themselves”…”you accomplish this by convincing them that their problem is an internalized one”. These offices used this same technique against the original Black panthers during the 1960’s thru 70’s. It is practice commonly used by the U.S. Governments intelligent offices.

Surely these white manipulations experts are elated when ever they see or hear Black leader sharing the story of the Willie lynch narratives to a large Black audience. This pleases them because this story meets their goals of taking blacks attentions away from them [whites] and turning it against each other. This actually then meets the goals of the fictional Willie lynch story because it now gives Blacks a legitimate reason why they shouldn’t trust each other. Once inundated by the U.S. media’s deplorable negative depictions of them this then confirms it within the minds of many African Americans that the Willie Lynch narratives is true. Black people’s own negative interactions with other Blacks also confirmed it within their hearts and minds that the story is true. It is however not.

Black people wake up! Our liberation from despair is dependent upon it. The Willie Lynch story is a part of a massive covert government deplored mass manipulation scheme. A psychological manipulation scheme deliberately designed to convince African American that their problem lies totally with themselves. This is a classic text book mass manipulation program. It is deliberately designed to demoralize African Americans and turn them away from realizing the present danger of white racism and instead turns their focus in ward against themselves. Black people wake up! Our liberation from despair is dependent upon it. The white elites are defending their position of white dominance and control by turning Black people against each other.


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