Different Shades of Militarization: an Iraq Anniversary Forum


Uhuru! This event is being co-sponsored by the BiBC, so it would be good if area members and out-of-towners that are coming in for the ANSWER march on the 20th to show up and infuse the discussion so its not just a white left fest. Details are below.



Different Shades of Militarization: an Iraq Anniversary Forum
Fri, March 19, 6-8pm at Busboys and Poets, 5th and K st NW

In honor of the 7th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, the same weekend as a huge immigrant rights march in DC, come learn how militarization and the US military in particular affects oppressed populations.  We’ll discuss the experience of Iraqis after 7 years of US occupation and on the verge of US pulling out some of their troops; the experience of Latino immigrants in DC; and, making the local-global connection, the impact of over-policing that targets black communities in DC. 
Topics of discussion:
Iraq:  We will review how is the occupation still affecting day-to-day lives of the Iraqi and examine the impact of the partial withdrawal of US troops in both social and community affairs.
Immigration:  We will discuss the militarization on the immigration policy and practices on the lives of Latino community in DC as well as provide information about the new ICE program called the Secure Communities Campaign to track and deport people.
Black Community:  We will examine the issue of over-policing in the impoverished neighborhoods in NE and SE in Washington, DC and rising numbers of local and federal police murders that target the black community.  
How do these struggles for justice intersect?  What are the commonalities and differences in the experiences of these populations?  We’ll draw connections between local, national and international issues and strengthen our common movement for peace and justice on all levels. 

With speakers from DC Jobs with Justice, the Institute for Policy Studies and the Black is Back Coalition.

For more information call 202-234-2000 or email info@washingtonpeacecenter.org

Co-sponsored by the Black is Back Coalition and the DC Chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War .

"Grow up as good revolutionaries. Study hard so that you will have command of the technique that permit the domination of nature. Remember that the revolution is what is most important and that each one of us, alone, is worth nothing.  Above all, always remain capable of feeling deeply whatever injustice is committed against anyone in any part of the world.  This is the finest quality of a revolutionary."
– Che Guevara, an extract from his last letter to his children, 1966

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