Marching Fourth in Resistance to Slashing Education to Pay for Endless Wars!


Marching Fourth in Resistance to Slashing Education to Pay for Endless Wars! We demand: * Flat Tuition * No Education Cuts * No Layoffs * Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation! Governor Christie has just announced a freeze of a half billion in education funding and $62 million in state college funding. Newark Public Schools is losing close to $102 million. The cuts will set off a round of possible layoffs, cuts to education services at the K-12 level and hikes in tuition and fees as well as cuts at the state college level. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is not allowing bail outs for state budgets and has frozen service funding increases for everything but war spending. The US is spending $57000 per minute on the war in Afghanistan, as of December 2009, and that cost has gone up considerably since. As jobs become scarcer and scarcer, tuition hikes close the door in the faces for youth from working families, the military continues aggressive recruiting of youth for wars abroad. We need jobs and education, not war and militarization. We appeal to high school and college students, youth, teachers and education workers, parents and all concerned about the priorities coming down from the national and state level to develop a fight back effort. We call upon all to support the March 4th day of national resistance to cuts in education funding at every level. One step we take is to encourage high school students to wear signs before and after, but especially on March 4 protesting the cuts and to hand out fliers in and around the schools. Students and staff on many NJ college campuses are also planning protests on that date. Meet at 3:30 at Military Park 4:30 – 6 March and Rally at Sen. Lautenberg and Menendez’s Office (1 Gateway Center on Market between Mullberry and Rt 21)


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