Every member of the African People of Love Global wide Unification effort must abide by these rules as functional members. Central Committee members, Central Staffs, and Local Staffs, including all captains subordinated to national, state, and local leadership of the African People of Love will enforce these rules.

Length of suspension or other disciplinary action necessary for violation of these rules will depend on national decisions by national, state or state area, and local committees and staffs were said rule or rules of the African People of Love were violated. Every member of the APL must know these verbatim by heart. And apply them daily. Each member must report any violation of these rules to their leadership or they are counter-revolutionary and are also subjected to suspension by the African People of Love.

The rules are:

1. No member can have narcotics or weed in his possession while doing work.

2. Any member found shooting, snorting or smoking harmful narcotics will be expelled from the APOL.

3. No member can be drunk while doing daily work.
4. No member will violate rules relating to office work and/or general meetings of the African People of Love anywhere.

5. No member will use, point, or fire a weapon of any kind unnecessarily or accidentally at anyone.
6. No member can join any other army force, other than the Black Liberation Army.
7. No member can have a weapon in his possession while drunk or loaded off narcotics or weed.

8. No member will commit any crimes against other members or any person of Afrikan/Black descent at all, and cannot steal or take from the people, not even a needle or a piece of thread.
9. When arrested African People of Love members will give only name, address, and will sign nothing. Legal first aid must be understood by all members.
10. The Unification and Love platform of the African People of Love must be known and understood by each member.
11. Communications must be National and Local.
12. The Unification and Love -program should be known by all members and also understood by all members.
13. All Finance officers will operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.
14. Each person will submit a report of daily work.
15. Each Sub-Section Leaders, Section Leaders, and Lieutenants, Captains must submit Daily reports of work.
16. All Members must learn to operate and service weapons correctly.
17. All Leaders who expel a member must submit this information to the Editor of the Newspaper, so that it will be published in the paper and will be known by all chapters and branches.
18. Political Education Classes are mandatory for general membership.
19. Only office personnel assigned to respective offices each day should be there. All others are to distribute and sell papers and do any assigned Political work out in the community, including Captain, Section Leaders, etc.
20. Communications–all chapters must submit weekly reports in writing to the National Headquarters.
21. All Branches must implement First Aid and/or Medical Cadres.
22. All Chapters, branches and components of the African People of Love Unification effort must submit a monthly Financial Report to the Ministry of Finance and also the Central Committee.
23. Everyone in a leadership position must read no less than two hours per day to keep abreast of the changing political situation.
24. No chapter and/or branch shall accept any grants, poverty funds, money or any other aid from any government agency without contacting the National Headquarters.
25. All chapters must adhere to the policy and the ideology laid down by the Central Committee of the African People of Love.
26. All Branches must submit weekly reports in writing to their respective Chapters

Donations are mandatory! There is no way to move our people forward if we can’t support the cause to liberate our people. No one else is going to do it, so we MUST do this by any means necessary. Donations will be used for gardening, organization administrative functions, conferences, pamphlets and social programs and education curriculum. Each member is expected to donate $5.00 by the 15th of every month. If you are not able to donate, please contact the Council treasurer and explain your current situation. The Council will then make a decision on your situation and discuss other means of fund raising.
Participation: WE need to be active in our communities by putting our words into actions. Participate in the groups, forums, local and or national conferences. We should focus on keeping our money in our communities. We can do this by supporting and creating black owned businesses.



Is defined as the state of being undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting and this is what the African People of Love strive for UNITY!  We strive for an Undivided or Unbroken relationship with one another as people of Afrikan Descent.  When we say Afrikaans: “We mean all Afrikan beings everywhere”, global Afrika and the Diaspora.  We seek the lost sheep of Afrika, I don’t care where my Afrikan family maybe, we desire to Unite as One people, to stop the division —all that are of an African Descent and willing to repent of their wrongs towards their Afrikan Nation.

Speak politely.
2. Pay fairly for what you buy.
3. Return everything you borrow.
4. Pay for anything you damage.
5. Do not hit or swear at people.
6. Do not damage property or crops of the poor, oppressed masses.
7. Do not take liberties with women.
8. If we ever have to take captives do not ill-treat them.

Every member of the APOL must respect all RBG members, BPP members, BPC members, BIB members, Black Unity members, APSP members, Uhuru members, African People Army members


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