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Takara Taylor sent a message to the members of Lighthouse Communities, Inc. ——————– Subject: 30 Teens and 30 Adults Needed! Lighthouse Communities is currently recruiting volunteers to participate in the “Southtown PhotoVoice Project.” We would like to have approximately 60 volunteers!

PhotoVoice has three goals: 1. to enable people to reflect on their communities strength and weaknesses 2. to promote dialogue about community issues through group discussions of photographs 3. to reach policy makers Each teen will be paired with an adult. Together, as a team, they will be assigned to take photos of places or things within their neighborhood which they either like or dislike. Cameras will be provided for the participants. Each “team” will separately write a brief narrative describing how they feel about the picture they took and why. The photos will be displayed later this year within Southtown.

The project will be launched in Spring 2010. Participants must live in the Southtown Area. To a map of the Southtown Area, please visit the link below: http://www.facebook.com/l/c2371;www.lcgr.net/docs/Southtown_NRSA_target_map.pdf If you are interested in participating in this project please contact Takara at http://www.facebook.com/l/c2371;616.451.9140 or email Takara@lcgr.net. ——————–

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