The NCAPL official pledge to the flag

The NCAPL official pledge to the flag. It should be used in all official NCAPL meetings and gatherings.

The pledge can be used by all nationalist organizations.

I commit my body, mind, and Spirit to
the protection, defense and security of the Red, Black and Green.

I dedicate my life to the redemption
of Mother Africa and the Liberation of her
scattered Black children.

I accept for myself and my descendants
the teachings of Universal African Nationalism
and I promise that our children will be instilled with
the purpose and knowledge of themselves as African People
in order that the cause of our struggle
will neither falter nor fail
until all Black people are free and united through

One God, One Aim, and One Destiny.

The Goal and Objective of the African People of Love Repatriation Movement
The goal and objective of the African People of Love Repatriation Movement (AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE) is to be True and Real when contemplating and analyzing the Cause and Effect that have come and still is coming from those others that is different from what is commonly known as Black pigmented Beings, so I will list our goal and objective and give reason for such thoughts, as all is in the interest of Afrika and Black Afrikaans Liberation.

First allow me to say that , since we reached the action that caused the termination of our First Way of Life Living on this planet, a life of Divine Harmony, Order, And balance, the Black Life second way of Living has been without the Divinity of Harmony, Order, And Balance, because others without the same pigment of the people that lived the Life of the First Way, came and interfered with those living a Divine way of Life, having a pigment now described as Black and every since that Time, those other different pigmented Beings chose to be an enemy to the Black pigmented Being and proceeded to destroy a Civilization so constructed by those First Way Beings and have, as it is said, been a thorn in the Mind of Black people every since.

Many Black and Dynamic leaders have emerged from the Family of a once Divine People, always attempting to lead us back to our First way of Living, great leaders from Mena to Akhenaton, to Hannibal to Toussaint to Nat Turner to the Honorable Marcus Garvey, to the present and I am sure there has been many more that fit in between those intervals of Time, Black Leaders fighting for the Liberation of Black people that had been pushed into a caste of bondage seemly to be stuck for ever more, as the Black Mind was and is being continuously replaced with those others mind, that don’t have the same quality of pigment as you Black folks do and have now succeeded to have us Black folks to live a Life that is dictated by a Mind that did not originate within the Pigmented frame of Ebonite Divine Beings.

The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE goal and objective is for a United Afrika and Afrikan People and the Methodology to be used are various one’s and many Black leaders from Time to Time have advocated and tried different methods, but with different goals and objective in mind, which cause difference in approach, thus many Time causing the action to be flawed.

The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE, take the mental position that no one Black leader have the full plan for Black folks Liberation and we must learn to advance the Liberating ideas coming from True Black Nationalist Liberators, forming that Mental Chain of action that is strong enough to pull us back into the First Way of our Divine Living, which will be the cause that bring about our Liberation.

The NCAPL /APL goal and objective is to establish with Afrikan people a Pan-Afrikan Nationalist Liberating relationship with Afrika and Black Afrikan People, meaning our physical return to Afrika, eventually as the next established State in Afrika, is imperative , therefore the call for Pan – Afrikanism of earlier Times, implying trade and investment is not acceptable by The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE, meaning that the establishment of a relationship with Afrika and Black Afrikan people in the Diaspora with no intent of solidifying that relationship by the physical return of the Diaspora Afrikan back to Afrika , such is not an acceptable goal of The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE.

AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE states that any effort in regard to Afrika and Afrikan People, must be one of a cohesive dynamic homogenous relationship, a relationship where the Diaspora Afrikan will have the feeling of acceptance by the reception that will be given to the Diaspora in America Afrikan and such acceptance will be consummated by Afrikaans acknowledgement of the Diaspora in America Afrikan, by recognizing our Right as a Sovereign Ethnic Group ,descendants of those that were Enslaved in the institution of Chattel Slavery, now having the right to Afrika Land and to emerge in Afrika as the next established State in Afrika, made up of Diaspora Afrikaans in America.

It is the goal and objective of AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE to replace the call for Pan-Afrikanism with the call for Black Afrikan Nationalism and for a Unified Afrika, which will require the physical return of the Diaspora Afrikan in America back to Afrika as a New State in Afrika.

It is the goal of NCAPL /APL to make it clear that there is a Social-economic stratification between the Negro and Black Nationalist, the negro should be labeled as the one that is among those that Have, ( material possession at a comfortable level ) and the Black Nationalist Spiritualist as the one that is among the have not, ( no material wealth ) identified within the Black Social-economic structure of America, and it is the one that Have, that desire no physical return to Afrika, and those that have and do desire to return home to Afrika, will do so only for Economic enterprise, and gain, contributing to the already problem that now exist in Afrika, there must be a centralization of Afrika and Afrikan people, not based on wealth and property possession, but in establishing a dynamic cohesive relationship with Afrika the land continent and the Black Afrikan People.

The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE will have a Divine focus on the inner body of the Black Being, striving to regain the Divine Knowledge about the Divine Theology of that GODLY Energy.

The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE will be an institution where the goal of the Divine Knowledge is to be obtained, by teaching and meditation, with an objective to reach the various levels of the Conscious dimension, exploring the Spiritual essence of the Mental capacity to interact with the genetic core of the Body essence, the Soul.

The A.P.L headquarters will serve as the Soul to the A.P.L Repatriation / Reparation movement. Serving as the Spiritual arm to the political aspiration of Sankofa Repatriation Movement, whose primary objective will be Reparation, Repatriation and Statehood in Afrika.

The target of our effort will be the rank and file of Black people, those labeled as the disadvantaged among Black People.

AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE goal and objective is to re-establish a relationship with the have not of our people and to educate the rank and file of our people about the Social Economic, Religious and Political structure of America and what happen to cause us Black people to be in America and away from Afrika.

AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE will educate the rank and file of Black people in America about Reparation, Repatriation and becoming a Nation State in Afrika and about how important it is for Black People to return back to our Divine Status and to be Free and independent from America and how an important role those of us that have been at a disadvantage under the Racist Prejudice system in America.

AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE will work to bring into reality the opportunity of Black People in America to participate in a Plebiscite vote, to indicate their desire as to stay in America or return Home to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and to become the next additional State in Afrika.

Those that desire to help The AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE and would like to sign on to become a Member of AFRICAN PEOPLE OF LOVE in our great effort to conduct a campaign for Freedom and Reparation in the Black Communities , using any and all means to accomplish our mission, which is reclaiming our Divine Spirituality, Reparation, our return back to Afrika, as a New Nation State and to become a Sovereign, Free and Independent Government in Afrika, with the intent of becoming active in bringing about a Reunited Afrika and a Reclamation of our Continent call Afrika.

All Praise and Honor to the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

All True Black Afrikan that is away from home should come to Know and Understand, that there should be only:


My People, let us love one another…



Eliyah X. & Dominique X

Chief Elder & First Queen

African People of Love of Afrikan Origin

Repatriation Movement


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