Enough is Enough (it’s time to change our ways)








The Problem: Wow! These are two different situations but at the end of the day, they both affect African-Americans equally. Being "Black in America" is a subject that I feel deeply about. In order for African-Americans to advance in America, first as a parent you have to teach your child how to grow up in a society where the odds are against you at birth. To stand there and force your child to engage in negative activities is such as a disgrace!

Secondly, as being "Black in America" is a challenge firsthand, how can we expect people to respect us as African-Americans when we don’t respect ourselves, our children, our family’s, our neighborhoods, schools, etc, first!

Imagine, if the mother in the first video took both of the children by hand who were involved in the fight, sat down with both of them, explained to them the challenges African-American’s face, and worked the problem out. Would it even be caught on TV? Probably not!

The point is, what society see African-Americans do they gonna continue to use all those things against us. In the second video, the cop beat the African-American child, which was wrong, but until we as African-Americans stand up and take back our own communities there going to keep doing it, until parents start being parents again & not friends, there gonna keep doing it! In order for society to respect us, we have to respect and value ourselves!

It’s time to stand up Black people!

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